“A lack of competitiveness in younger runners is turning some races into parades“ http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324807704579085084130007974?mg=reno64-wsj.html?dsk=y Cue the curmudgeons, chorusing “kids these days…” a line that goes back to, oh, ancient Greece or before. I’ll get around to discussing ancient Greece eventually, by the way. If you don’t feel like perusing the entire WSJ article, the short […]

Or as the dance instructor from Flashdance said in her French accent, “Mohre Enairjhee!” Fatigue is one of my most common patient complaints, and among my running/triathlon friends, naps and our boringly early weekend bedtimes are common topics of discussion. Every now and then it hits me too, even though I’m pretty high-energy most of […]

This last week, I’ve realized how many times I’ve crossed paths with amazing people. Yes, I’m within 3 degrees of Kevin Bacon: married to Chris Wagner, who skydived with Tom Cruise, who starred with Kevin Bacon in “A Few Good Men.” But I am happy to handle the truth, that awesomeness is all around us. […]

I have a thing for 3-D Geography. From the white rocks of Highlands, NC,   To the red rocks of Sedona; From Utah’s canyons, To the Big Grandaddy, the Roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro! “I lift my eyes to the hills, from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and […]

I love farm stand season! If I see a fruit stand that says “peaches and fresh-churned peach ice cream,” you’ll hear brakes squeal (if I’m driving) or a whole lot of whimpering (if I’m not driving). I picked up 4 baskets of blackberries today, and succeeded in getting home with more than 50% of them, […]

It’s pretty well established that health is affected by pet ownership. Dogs seem to be pretty unequivocally good at improving their owners’ health, although my brother-in-law’s mother did suffer a broken hip when she tripped while walking her little Buttons. But older people who own dogs (or are owned by dogs) usually are more active, […]

Paddleboarding with my dog. Paddleboarding with my dog, GoPro video edited by Chris Wagner.