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On Being Coachable

It’s been instructive to have a triathlon coach for the past couple of seasons. I’ve said in the past that it’s smarter to learn from other people’s trial and error than rely solely on your own, and having a coach who can see my Garmin is wonderful for making me stay accountable to the training […]

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Or maybe some words are worth a thousand pictures. And sometimes they are better together. This project started as a self-motivational poster, but grew into a book. I love Shutterfly products, especially their photo books, and I was very happy with how this book came out. Thank you to my husband for many of […]

On Gratitude

Autumn may seem like an odd time to discuss gratitude, but it is the harvest time, so not that odd. And it’s my favorite time of the year. Except maybe for spring, which is also my favorite. And summer, when the beach is hot and the waves are cool. And winter, when the snow is […]

On Chop

Waves are kind of a big deal around here at the beach. The surfers like the big swells. The triathletes like the calm days. This kitesurfer, part of a pod of about seven that I saw last weekend, was having a great time in the windy rough conditions, making incredible flights off the wave tops! […]

On Comfort Zones

So, we all have our comfort zones, where we are, well, comfortable. We have our routines and our favorites. We are happy there. But sometimes those zones can turn into ruts, and rather than engaging ourselves in something productive or pleasurable, we are simply avoiding discomfort. I’m certainly not the most adventurous of my friends, […]

On Turning Fifty!!

I turned 50 just last month! A couple of my friends turned 30 this year, and were happily listing all that came to pass during their last decade of life. I kept thinking, oh, you have no idea! My 40’s were pretty amazing. I saw both my kids graduate from high school, and then from […]

On Young Adult Literature

I may no longer be a young adult, or YA as they say in the bookselling business, but there’s something compelling about the genre. I wonder why that is? Why did parents and grandparents read the Harry Potter series right along with the kids? Why is Hunger Games so popular among such a range of […]