At Duke, one regular assignment in my community health class was to dream big, to come up with an idea that would improve the health of our communities. For the first few weeks, my professor said that my dreams were too small.

This was one of the small dreams, a blog that I tentatively called “evidence-based opinions.”  Anecdata is a much cuter name, but alas, it was already taken, forcing me to be ungrammatical and name my new baby Anecdatums.

My plan for this blog is to write about my own experiences, or opinions, or commonly health opinions, comparing them to the actual data.

My mission is to overcome some of my own logical fallacies and preconceived opinions; and hopefully do the same for blog readers; and have fun in the process.

I hope you enjoy following Anecdatums, and I encourage you to politely share different opinions and experiences.





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