Six Degrees of Awesomeness!

This last week, I’ve realized how many times I’ve crossed paths with amazing people. Yes, I’m within 3 degrees of Kevin Bacon: married to Chris Wagner, who skydived with Tom Cruise, who starred with Kevin Bacon in “A Few Good Men.” But I am happy to handle the truth, that awesomeness is all around us.

A few inspiring examples:

Marc Leber, a running friend, and 17 year old son of another running friend, has built a great friendship with Ashton, an autistic 14 year old boy. Ashton’s communication skills have exploded exponentially thanks to this friendship. I loved seeing that twosome fly by me at the finish of their triathlon, and seeing them laughing together afterwards.


Beach runner eyeing six world records, all for disabled children

Dennis Welch, running friend, who will be running 24 hours straight, with the final two hours as part of the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll half-marathon, all while pushing a running stroller, to raise awareness of, and funds for, Team Hoyt.


And Dena Goble, part of Operation Enduring Warrior, supporting Wounded Warriors. The video was taken at a Spartan race in the Virginia mountains, and shows their teamwork and strength of will.


And these are just this month!  Look for the awesomeness around you, and you will not be disappointed!




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  1. mwhuntley · · Reply

    You’re pretty awesome yourself, Mary!

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