Happy New Year!

What are 5 impressive things you do? What do you have to offer the world?

These questions hit me hard, when I read them in this Cracked on-line article (6 Harsh Truths) that my daughter Laura linked to on Facebook. One rule to answering these questions is that the answers must be action verbs; they must be things you actually do, that actually are beneficial. Having good attributes isn’t enough. Or, in Biblical terms, “bear fruit!”

Having good attributes is just having good dirt, having an ability is having a good tree trunk. But where’s the fruit? One of my attributes is an interest in almost everything. One of my abilities is being able to make connections between random things; another is to be able to explain medical concepts, and make connections between the concepts and my patients’ experiences.  So, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to try to bring some fruit to the table. I hope that this collection of anecdata, stories from my experience, and connecting them to harder evidence, will be enjoyable, helpful, fruitful.


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  1. Martha Huntley · · Reply

    A great resolution! The article that Laura posted was very thought producing, and maybe will be fruit producing as well. I love these, Mary…find them impressive and enjoyable!

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